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Hi, I'm Dr Evka Cesnek!

I am a board certified family physician with years of experience and advanced masters level training in both epidemiology and biostatistics. (Yes, family physicians see children, too!) More importantly, I am one of you! I write about topics for which I have a personal interest.  I see patients of all ages, but I have a special interest in the topics about which I write.  When it's not just "reflux" and your child has food allergies, feeding challenges, or colic, I can help your child and guide you towards empowerment.  

Evka Cesnek, MD

Ways to Work with Eva (Evka) Cesnek, MD

Come for the knowledge, but stay for the community.  

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Have you been told that your child's symptoms are due to "reflux", but your child is not getting much better?

I have helped hundreds of children who were told they had "reflux".  They started to thrive after their real medical conditions were revealed and properly treated.  Schedule a free consultation with me to start your child on the road to recovery.  

Explanations for your child's symptoms should be understandable.

You want medical jargon translated into English when it comes to you and your child.  

Your how-to guide should come from a person who lives by it.  

You need someone who has day-to-day insight.  Someone who has been there, done that, and can share all of the nuanced details of what worked.  I have been where many of you are.   You do not have to do this alone. 

A friend can give you better advice if they are a life coach.

Imagine that you just fed your child even though it was hard.  Then all of a sudden, your friend stops by. You laugh.  You cry.  You share stories, and she offers brain hacks. Uplifting you on your journey of parenting your child.

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You want your child to feel comfortable and to enjoy food.  Instead, your child vomits, cries a lot,  has food intolerances, or shows other feeding challenges.   This leaves you feeling anxious and hopeless. You could instead feel empowered. 

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In a world of 24/7 medical disinformation, modern parents desire unambiguous professional advice.  Leveraging clinical expertise and cutting-edge research, I dissect complex medical issues into bite-size pieces.  My current areas of interest include pediatric feeding challenges, people with food allergies, and babies with colic.  

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