A Virtual Roundtable

A meet-and-greet show unlike anything else... Business is all about relationships, and relationships? They're all about sharing those "Remember when we..." moments that turn acquaintances into something more. So how about you come on a fun, virtual experience that not only connects you with potential local business allies but also leaves a lasting impression?

So what actually happens? 

If you would have breakfast or lunch with other local business owners or a local physician, then you should say, "Yes!" 

There's absolutely nothing to lose except maybe an hour of your time. We are quite sure that this will top many of your solo coffee dates, television watching binges, or lectures you might otherwise attend.

We clearly have a finite number of available slots each month, so if you're interested, click here.

I received the Outstanding Leadership Award from Health 2.0. I coordinated the distribution of thousands of free face shields to U.S. hospitals during COVID-19. As a physician, I authored multiple paradigm-shifting medical books. I overcame a childhood in a refugee camp after escaping communism...   YOU TOO HAVE A STORY TO SHARE.

So much starts from a collective experience, meticulously designed just for you.

Envision "The Ripple Effect Roundtable" as a place where a single conversation can send waves of change throughout the entire community, inspiring action and connection far beyond the confines of our gathering.