Join a House Calls Based Family Medical Practice

It's like having a family physician in your family.

Remember when doctors made house calls and knew everyone by name? Restoring patient-centered care is my goal. As a member, you'll have direct access to me - your doctor.  No middleman!

I believe your brightest days are ahead. It’s about time. More time for care. More time for your health. More time for you. Right in the comfort of your own home.

Are you tired of your doctor taking days to call you back? Tired of waiting days or weeks to see your doctor for an urgent issue?  Are you sick of rushed appointments and feeling like your doctor is too busy? Would you rather speak to your doctor than their medical assistant?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, my practice may be right for you....

  • I eliminate third parties from doctor-patient relationship.  You get me.  No middle man!
  • A flat monthly membership fee for primary care eliminates insurance copays for your visits. 
  • In addition to next-available-day in-person or virtual visits, you will have extraordinary access to me by phone, text, secure messaging, and email.  I am frequently able to offer same day or next day appointments.  

What's possible by joining my practice? 

Different way to get family medical care

Albert Einstein one said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." The standard medical system is broken.  There is another way. 

Longer visits

Because I am paid directly by you, I am able to have a much smaller panel of patients.  This means longer patient visits—30 to 60 minutes instead of 5 to 10! More time often means better, more personalized healthcare.

Person-centered approach

You are a whole human being, not a collection of body parts! Establish a working partnership with me.  Let me be your guide as I help you to restore your health. 

Affordable health and healing

Do you feel like getting medical care is too expensive?  Membership might cost less than your monthly phone, internet, and television bill!  If you have a Health Share plan, high-deductible insurance, are uninsured, or underinsured, my services will benefit you. No deductibles and copays.  Medical services are a flat-rate fee.

You've finally found it: medical attention that puts you, the patient, first.

The typical physician in a traditional family medicine practice is expected to see 3,000 patients per year. Talk about being overscheduled! You now understand why it can feel like it's taking forever before you actually see your doctor.  

My practice is different. It removes many of the barriers to a direct interaction with your doctor.   You just get me giving you the attention you need. Since I need fewer patients to make ends meet, I have more time and availability for you.  

See your doctor as often as you need. 

You can text, call, and email me directly. You can receive visits as often as you need. Next-available-day appointments can happen, and the hope is to get to you in a timely manner for longer 30 to 60 minute visits.  


House Calls!

Home alone with crying little ones? Pressing to meet that deadline at work? I'll come to you! No extra charge. For patients within my geographic location,  I do house calls.  In fact, the vast majority of my visits are directly to your home.   Areas served:  Basking Ridge; Berkeley Heights; Chatham; Fanwood; Florham Park; Gillette; Harding; Madison; Livingston;  Long Hill; Millburn, Montclair;  Mountain Lakes;  Scotch Plains; Short Hills, Summit; Warren; Watchung

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Hi, I'm Doctor Evka. 

I fled communism in Eastern Europe as a child, lived in a refugee camp, and eventually moved to the United States. I learned grit from my tough childhood.   I attended Rutgers University on a full academic scholarship and graduated at the top of my class. New Jersey Medical School gave me an MD/MPH - medical degree and masters in public health.  After a prestigious family medicine residency, I worked in various medical offices and urgent care centers for over a decade. I wrote several revolutionary medical books and was an assistant clinical professor in family medicine.  In my free time, I'm a mom, a dog lover, a swimmer, a skier, and an adventure seeker. 

Our family loves Doctor Evka. As a parent, knowing that Doctor Evka is there for me and my family and that we can get medical treatment without long delays or trouble reaching a doctor is very beneficial. Doctor Evka addresses medical issues thoroughly and expertly. I'm delighted we found Doctor Evka.”

Laura Parker

Doctor Evka provides excellent patient-focused medical care.  

Paul Jones

This way of doing business in the medical field has been a breath of fresh air. Doctor Evka is kind, caring, and understanding. She has a great way with people.  We can easily bring a sick family member in for a quick test on short notice. In all honesty, Doctor Evka has made me dislike the traditional, office based medical model. This is the right way for medicine to work.

Marie Weber

What Doctor Evka Offers

Get next-available-day in-person or virtual visits with no copays
Directly email, call, and text your doctor, who gives you her cell phone number

Prevention, wellness, and chronic disease management are covered. Get various medical procedures done at home.


Direct Primary Care is a movement among primary care doctors like me who believe in providing high-quality, cost-effective care. I do this be removing the middleman - the insurance company.  Without billing the insurance companies, costs drop significantly. Costs drop significantly when I don't bill insurance companies. Since I see fewer patients per day, I can spend more time with you. I only work for you so I can give you the best care. Costs are transparent, and I can help you to negotiate lab and imaging discounts. Co-pays, confusing bills, and hidden fees are not an issue. It's straightforward.

What if I need a hospital or an urgent care center?

Please go to the hospital or call 911 in an emergency. To cover the unexpected, I recommend insurance to my patients. Although I don't have hospital privileges, I'll work with the hospitalist or specialized physician who only works in the hospital.  Just let me know that you are hospitalized.  If you have an urgent issue, call me first. I MIGHT be able to see you right way and save you a trip. 

What is your recommendation on vaccines? 

I recommend immunizations but think it is more important that you are seen by a physician than that you are vaccinated.  I will treat you even if you are not vaccinated. You are still welcome to join my practice.  My recommendation to get vaccinated is based on the American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices guidelines.

What if I need to go see a specialist? 

I'll refer you to a specialist and communicate with the doctor to make sure we're on the same page. I represent your interests. We recommend health insurance in case you need to see a specialist.  At the same time, I try to practice to the full extent of my specialty.  I might be able to save you the visit to the specialist as I treat so many different medical conditions. 

Can I call the doctor after-hours and on weekends?

Yes, but I only do this for things that are really important.  I can only talk about them over the phone. Don't send me texts or emails after work because I might not see them right away.

Do I still need medical insurance?

Yes. My practice does not replace health insurance. Health insurance can cover medical emergencies, hospital visits, and specialist care.  I can help find an insurance plan that fits my practice model.  Your health insurance can help cover office-coordinated lab tests, imaging studies, medications, hospitalizations, and specialty care.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes!  Just let me know 30 days in advance, and I can cancel your membership. At the end of the monthly billing cycle, your membership will end. You will be charged a fee to re-enroll if you decide to come back in the future.  I will no longer be your physician at the end of the monthly billing cycle where you have cancelled. 

Can I sign up if I have Medicare?

Yes! You must sign a Medicare waiver stating that neither you nor we will directly bill Medicare for your membership fee. Medicare cannot reimburse your monthly membership fee. Medicare can be used to cover office-coordinated lab tests, imaging studies, medications, hospitalizations, and specialty care.

Is my membership fee deductible to my HSA or FSA account? 

Not yet!  No. HSA/FSA funds cannot be used to pay your membership fees.  Legislation has been proposed so that these funds can be used to cover membership fees, but no decision has been made. However, the membership plan can save you money. 

Cost Savings 

Time is money.  If I am your doctor, you won't have to spend hours in the waiting room. Why? For the simple reason that house calls and telemedicine make it possible to see me without leaving the comfort of your own home. My practice helps cut down your medical costs in the following ways:  a reduced need for referral to specialists and reduced urgent care visits. 

My monthly membership fees include ALL visits with NO copays.   



Minimum membership is for 3 months.  To qualify for the special12-month discount, we need a 1-year agreement at sign-up. We feel that creating long-term connections is the best approach to provide outstanding primary care. We hope you'll love your care so much after the first year that you'll stay with us forever, but it's up to you!  Regardless of which plan you choose, credit card surcharges apply. 

Doctor Evka is extremely kind and understanding. She's friendly and provide fantastic, personable, thorough service. I recommend her to everyone. 


I loved Doctor Evka! I get better care at her practice than through my insurance network,


Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

By paying me directly each month ($99 as an adult; $49 as a child with a paying adult), I can give you access, availability, and attention. I can offer inexpensive, high-quality care.

How do I gain access to Doctor Evka?

As a patient, you can call, text, or email Doctor Evka.  I want to be maintain an open line of communication so that I can be there for you when you need me.  

When is Doctor Evka available?

I know that your health needs are unpredictable.  I try to provide next-available appointments, hopefully within a day or two.  I can address urgent issues on the weekends and after hours.  

How much attention do I get as a patient?

You are an individual, and I want to get to know you.  My visits with you can be between 30 minutes and an hour long.  I want you to have enough time to ask questions. You deserve thorough medical care. 

What if I have more questions?

Absolutely!  Call AND text me at 908-679-9295.  You can also email me at  I provide regularly scheduled webinars or meet and great sessions. 

Can I book my first appointment?

Absolutely!  Call AND text me at 908-679-9295.

What if I want to schedule a meet and greet?

To schedule a meet and greet, call AND text me at t 908-679-9295.  You can also email me at  You can also learn more by joining one of our regularly scheduled webinars. These are posted on the front page of this website. 

Are there any additional fees for care provided in the office?

Yes!  Your monthly membership pays for my medical expertise but not the supplies - and lab tests - that I need to perform.  In-office, telemedicine, and phone care are always free. However, I cannot stock all medications or perform all tests. If I order tests or prescribe medications from labs or pharmacies, you must check your health insurance or pay for them directly.

In which NJ towns do I do house calls?

Areas served:  Basking Ridge; Berkeley Heights; Chatham; Fanwood; Florham Park; Gillette; Harding; Madison; Livingston;  Long Hill; Millburn, Montclair;  Mountain Lakes; Scotch Plains; Short Hills, Summit; Warren; Watchung

There is a better way to get medical care.