Parenting Book Club

It's for parents who enjoy being empowered through learning. 

As a family physician and bestselling author, I love to learn and share my research-based knowledge with parents. Each book can give you helpful, research-based ideas from the author.  You're exposed to books and ideas you might not have otherwise explored.  This can further help your child.   In my personal life, I've organized parental social groups and book clubs.  I've seen first hand how they can help empower you on your parental journey. 

Better Ideas

It's wonderful to read a parenting book, try out some of the beneficial pointers, then reflect on what worked and what didn't. 

Author Discussions

I'm asking the book authors or other experts in the field to join me. So you may ask experts live... 

Better Results

Reading and doing aren't always similar. I want to help support you as you read.


Step 1

Share your name and email address to gain access to my private Facebook group.

Step 2

Get the book, and read it. 

Step 3

Attend the monthly book club.  You'll hear about the time and date in advance. 

What's the process like?

Readers MUST ENSURE THEY OBTAIN A COPY OF THE BOOK FOR THEMSELVES. Read it on your kindle, listen to the audiobook, check it out from the library, or buy it from Amazon!

Give me your email address, and sign up for  my exclusive Facebook Parenting Discussion Group to ask questions, share thoughts, and get advice from other parents.  I'll even conduct author or experts discussions and interviews. These are great! These interviews are NOT ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL and ONLY IN MY FACEBOOK GROUP.

Attend the monthly book club.  When you read and then try something, you will learn more.  In the group, you can then share how it went.