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Do you need house calls or advice on one of my books? Do you have a high-deductible insurance plan or no insurance? Do you want 30 to 60 minutes with your doctor without a middleman?

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I'm Evka Cesnek, MD.

I am a family physician, best selling author, and speaker. I am accepting new patients into my house calls based medical practice in New Jersey. 

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I am a family physician.  My practice includes most age groups.  Enter your contact information to receive more information.

I am a physician trained in family medicine who is able to provide care for almost all age groups in your family.  In addition, I am a best selling author of an ever-growing set of medical books. Many patients need better answers and clearer information that can empower them.  

Read my research-based books. 

FPIES Handbook (food allergies)

What happens when a family doctor, a registered dietitian, and an FPIES support group leader - all mothers of children with FPIES - work together? You get a must-have resource for FPIES families. This book is packed with evidence-based scientific research, anecdotal experiences, and encouragement. It presents FPIES in a way that it has never been presented before in hopes that it will leave you feeling encouraged, educated, and ready to manage your child's condition. For the parents experiencing FPIES with their children, knowledge can be power; may you never again feel as scared or as alone!

Colic Handbook

May you never again feel powerless as your baby just cries and cries. There is a way to help prevent colic, stop the crying, and predict the future. What happens when a family physician who sees babies - a mother of a child with colic - writes a book? You get a must-have resource for families whose babies cry uncontrollably. This book is full of scientific research studies, personal stories, and inspiration. It presents colic in a new way as it hopes to inspire, educate, and prepare you to handle your child's condition. For parents whose newborns cry uncontrollably, knowledge can be power. May you never again feel as scared or alone!

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Where to Find My Medical Office

I do HOUSE CALLS in New Jersey.  I am currently accepting new patients and will see them in their homes.  




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